Selong Belanak Beach

Sunset at selong belanak beach

Selong Belanak beach is a beautiful beach of approximately 1 kilometre long located 30 minutes west of Kuta Lombok. Surrounded by rolling hills, Selong Belanak beach lies in a beautiful sheltered bay in a largely uninhabited part of Lombok. The beach itself is made up of white powdery sand and some of the most clear turquoise waters on the island. It is listed as one of the best places in the world to learn surfing, but that’s not the only thing to do here! In this blog post you’ll find all the information you need about Selong Belanak beach Lombok.

How to get to Selong Belanak beach

From Kuta Lombok, its a 30-40 min drive west. Selong Belanak beach is easy to find if you follow Google Maps. The beach has an easy access with only a two minute walk from the parking lot.Entrance fee Selong Belanak beach

There is no entrance fee for the beach, but you need to pay 10,000 IDR parking fee per motorbike.

What to expect at Selong Belanak beach

Selong Belanak beach is one of the most beautiful Lombok beaches we’ve explored. In comparison to Kuta beach Lombok for example, this is a true paradise beach. Although it can get busy with surfers, there are still quiet areas where you can enjoy the beach and ocean for yourself. The approximately 1 kilometre long stretch of soft sand is filled for 1/3 part with warungs, surf schools and sun loungers. The other parts are quiet with not much people around. There is also a huge floating raft where you can walk on further into the sea. We saw lots of local children playing on the beach and the raft, so this is especially for families a great beach to go to.

Things to do at Selong Belanak beach

Learn surfing

As said before, Selong Belanak is one of the best beaches in the world to learn the basics of surfing! The sandy bottom of the ocean and soft waves help to make the first steps into the world of surfing fun. There are many surf schools on the beach where you can book a surf lesson or rent a surf board if you’re not a beginner anymore.

Surfing in Lombok is absolutely an unforgettable experience! 

Relaxing & playing

If you are not surfing then relaxing and recharging your batteries has to be the priority here. The bay of Selong Belanak is extremely protected from the open ocean and is perfect for a casual swim or to enjoy the amazing hills and mountain tops. Either way, be sure to soak in the serenity and beauty that the area has to offer. The many warungs offer sun loungers and umbrellas for a small fee, or when you order food or drinks they are usually free to use. 


There are several options you can choose from here. You can eat at the local warungs for a small price for example. They offer local dishes for both meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. But if you’re in search for a more upscale restaurant with more choice and also international classics, then you should head to Laut Biru bar and restaurant which also serves delicious cocktails. Perfect to end the day with!

Watch the buffalos cruising the beach

Every day in the afternoon around 5 PM there is a parade with buffalos cruising the beach. This gives perfect photo opportunities, especially with the soft afternoon light. It’s a very fun thing to watch and gives that extra authentic and local vibe to this beach. The buffalos belong to a farmer from the traditional village of Lombok Selong Belanak who brings them back in for night time. 

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