Mataram City

Sitting in the west of Lombok is the capital, Mataram. The city itself is somewhat of an aggregation of villages, made up of Ampenan, Mataram and Cakranegara. Just like many cities, Mataram is filled with layers and intricacies. Visit Jalan Udayana and Jalan Pejanggik, which are two streets home to a mix of food stalls and warungs (cafes) to dine at. As night falls and the streetlights glow, the food stalls continue to stay open. Mataram Mall is a popular destination for travellers and locals, with a mix of shops, dining options and even a swimming pool; or take a walk through town and explore the Barat Museum. The main square is lined with gorgeous buildings, and often hosts events and performances to bring the town together. When it comes to spending a night or two in town, Cakranegara is one of the preferred areas to stay in with some of the best accommodation and dining options.